Monday, August 4, 2008


i guess to the world i am one aloof creature....not exactly introvert but moreover the kind of person who likes to keep to oneself.i am sure this kind of demeanour is not applauding,but thats such my life is not that exciting ,but i have my share of expriences.
Lets start with the laest movie that i saw Jaane tu yaa jaana, a very well made movie with tha same old story told in a refreshing way.i think i was in 4th grade i had just come across a spectacled boy with a frail body structure nothing too impressive.....but still took me by storm .And the impact was very profound till my 11th class,but i think its more stable now.
The difference being that now i dont eat,drink and sleep him.
but having spend all my teenage years drooling over one guy looks such a waste to interaction with the opposite sex is on a all time low,cant blame him.never felt like interacting with anyone .and now unlike the movie my story didnt have a happy ending.....its been 4 years since i am on talking terms with him,with only one lesson to learn movies are nothing but imaginative fantasies that only make you cribb about how incomplete your life is.

my illusions with life

to be precise i still dont know wat i want out of my life......i want to be rich,happy and in the right words i should get a feel that my life is worth it......the thing with me is that i am focussed yet much i want to do that i dont........i dont know if i can make myself a bit more assertive.....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

well a boring weekand.....

who on earth plans to start your day with with nothing to do on mind.Its up and reluctantly gone for my driving lessons,i dont hate them but they are surely a pain in my ass....the only good part being at least i can say that i drive a car.and officially my super lazy weekand started with going to sleep again for another 3three hours and here i am writing my BLOG something so new to me,having isssues how to go about it.

And just to give you a kind of recap of the week gone by.Nothing so extraordinary about it.......i was thinking its going to be like this or that.....but yeah its an engineering college what more can i expect.i think moreover the problem lies in me...i have more of antisocial traits in me and my highly inflated ego,even i question its existance.

Personal life turmoil is on all time high,but still things were at a brighter side atlaest now.its again for me to decide what di i have to do.......but this strange feeling empowering me that