Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Whenever one uses the word Dreamzzz....all sort of unimaginable,unthinkable things start twisting and twirling in my mind.I have turned 20,and now i do feel that i am in some position to make judgements about others and myself.We all live in an atmosphere,where what we have can never be enough.Like it is very well said that"the grass is always greener the other side"...
To start with i used to be one self content person,i think the whole concept of dreamz was missing from my life.There was nothing that i didnt have in my was a satisfying feeling....but then 2 years life took a reverse turn...i dream i dream i dream.....and i am loving it.
The whole concept of dreams come in a package....along with it are a lot of unwanted attachments,like the bank of pessimist people who are always there to discourage us.....but still i dont stop dreaming.
My dreams vary...sometimes its about what i will achieve in life...I always picyurize myself in doing great things for my guy....all of it...My dreams are still not in the ubnoxious category.I still dont dream wild....i wonder why???
May be it is always the shielded upbringing,but I cant put all the blame on others...finally it is me who has to take a call.I am answerable to my self.......I am inspired from my friends a lot.
One thing were there always for me.You have played a poignant role in shaping me up....i always dream to have your type superior command over english,your opinions....they are all so logical...I continue dreaming.....with i guess with a wider horizon..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

something has shaken me

there are times when one feels so helpless,guilt concious....for that is happening around...the recent mumbai attack on the 26 nov has totally shaken my belief over the dream of my India,the slain act of barbarism by them just shows how immoral these terrorist are...There was a belief in me that muslims are responsible for spreading terror in my nation...but thanks to these terrorist they have helped me and my fellow Indians to abide by the fact the"terror knows no religion".I am sure now no political party can sway the masses on the name of religion.
i had these urge to really pen this down on my blog.Its kind off a message that is to all people who are responsible for the terrror attacks in my nation.Killing innocent people and showering bullets on them serves no just shows the coward in you.It is easy to press the trigger....and shoot,as they have no courage to fight one on one with us....These people are like rats hiding in all the places and commiting various hideous a nation I think this is the time to start a nation wide stop creating borders inside our own people...we need to be united as a counter the terrorist.
I would like to pay sincere homage to all the departed souls...who have laid there lives in saving us....We need to honour them..Ashok Kamte,Vijay Salaskar,Hemant Karkare...and our NSG commandoes and all the hawaldars who died...your sacrifice can never be forgotten.Its time that my country needs to boycott Pakistan in all ways...we dont need a dialogue...we dont believe in your hollow words...we dont want ties with it cultural,sporting...anything....
A war can never be a solution in such an environment....all we want is security to the masses....strengthen our intelligence services....give the security of the country to whatever,but do something....we are waiting for some action.....